Today Egg Rate in India

Average Egg Price on Market
NECC Egg Price: ₹5.44 ₹163.2
Whole Sale Rate: ₹5.44 ₹163.2
Retail Rate: ₹5.76 ₹172.8
Super Market Rate: ₹5.85 ₹175.5
Today Egg Price Chart
Lowest and Highest Egg Price Chart
Why daily Egg Rate important?

Eggs are highly valued in India, as reflected in the popular saying, "Sunday Ho Ya Monday, Roz Khao Ande" (whether it's Sunday or Monday, eat eggs every day). The National Nutrition of India recommends consuming an average of one egg per day. India is the world's third-largest egg producer, and egg prices fluctuate daily due to factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, transportation costs, inflation, and location. It is important for all stakeholders, including consumers, sellers, distributors, and producers, to stay informed about daily changes in egg prices to make informed decisions.

Today Egg Rate

Eggs are a popular and affordable source of protein in India, making them a staple in many households. According to the latest data from the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), the average price of an egg in India is ₹5.44 per piece or ₹544 per 100 pieces. However, the actual price may vary depending on the location, market, and vendor.

If you're looking to buy eggs in larger quantities, it's helpful to know the prices per tray or peti (a basket used in India to carry goods). On average, a tray of 30 eggs costs around ₹163.2 while a peti of 210 eggs costs around ₹1142.4. These prices are set by the NECC and may differ from actual prices in your area.

If you're buying eggs in bulk, you might also want to know the wholesale and retail rates. Today, the average wholesale rate of eggs in India is ₹5.44 per piece, while the average retail rate is ₹5.76 per piece. If you're shopping at a supermarket, the average price is slightly higher, around ₹5.85 per piece.

However, it's important to note that egg prices can vary significantly based on the location. For instance, the lowest price of eggs in India today is ₹4.9 per piece, which can be found in Namakkal. On the other hand, the highest price of eggs in India today is ₹6 per piece, which is found in Kolkata.

Factors affecting egg prices in India

The cost of feed, transportation, storage, and demand are all factors that can affect egg prices in India. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, egg prices in India increased due to supply chain disruptions and increased demand for protein-rich foods. Similarly, during the monsoon season, egg production in India typically falls, causing prices to rise.

Benefits of eating eggs

Eggs are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them nutritious food for people of all ages. They are high in choline, which is necessary for brain health, and contain essential amino acids that promote muscle growth and repair. Furthermore, eggs are inexpensive and simple to prepare, making them a popular choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Egg production in India

With an estimated annual production of 106 billion eggs, India is the world's third-largest egg producer. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Maharashtra are the major egg-producing states in India. Small and medium-scale poultry farmers who use traditional farming methods dominate egg production in India.

The Future of egg prices in India

Because of the steady growth in egg production and the government's efforts to promote the poultry industry, egg prices in India are expected to remain stable in the near future.

Furthermore, rising demand for protein-rich foods and the rise of e-commerce platforms are expected to boost the Indian egg market, opening up new opportunities for farmers and consumers alike. However, disease outbreaks, climate change, and market fluctuations may continue to have an impact on egg prices in India in the long run.

Health concerns related to egg consumption

While eggs are a nutritious and inexpensive source of protein, some people are concerned about their cholesterol content. The yolk of an egg contains cholesterol, and some research suggests that eating too many eggs may increase the risk of heart disease in some people. The American Heart Association, on the other hand, recommends that people consume one egg per day as part of a balanced diet.

The Role of Technology in the egg industry

Technology has significantly improved the efficiency and productivity of India's egg industry. For example, the use of automated egg sorting and grading machines has reduced labor costs while improving egg quality.

Similarly, farmers have been able to meet the growing demand for premium and healthy food products by implementing innovative farming practices such as cage-free and organic egg production.

Environmental impact of egg production

Egg production, like other forms of agriculture, can have an impact on the environment. Poultry farming produces a large amount of waste, which can contaminate soil and water sources if not properly managed.

Furthermore, antibiotics and hormones used in poultry farming can contribute to antibiotic resistance and other health issues. Some egg producers in India are adopting sustainable farming practices and investing in waste management and water conservation measures to address these issues.

The Social and cultural significance of Eggs in India

Eggs play an important role in Indian cuisine and culture, and they are frequently used in traditional dishes like omelets, curries, and biryanis. Furthermore, eggs are a popular street food item in many parts of India, where they can be purchased boiled, fried, or scrambled.

In some communities, eggs have religious significance and are used in rituals and ceremonies. Overall, eggs are an important part of the Indian diet and lifestyle, reflecting the diversity of the country's culinary traditions and cultural heritage.


The price of eggs in India depends on the region. Different regions of India have different rates for eggs. According to the NECC egg rate, the average egg rate in India is ₹5.44 per piece.

According to the NECC egg rate, the average rate of 1 tray of eggs in India is ₹163.2 per 30 pieces.

According to the NECC egg rate, the average rate of 1 peti of eggs in India is ₹1142 per 210 pieces.

According to the NECC egg rate, the average rate eggs in India is ₹544 per 100 pieces.

Average ₹5.44 per piece in India today.

Average ₹163.2 per 30 pieces in India today.